The XPP code for the model associated with the paper:

Ratté S, Karnup S, Prescott SA (2018) Nonlinear Relationship Between Spike-Dependent Calcium Influx and TRPC Channel Activation Enables Robust Persistent Spiking in Neurons of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex. J Neurosci 38:1788-1801

is available at the authors web site:

and in this ModelDB archive.

This model requires the freely available XPP which can be downloaded here:

When the model runs in its default configuration by starting it with a command like (linux):
xppaut ACCPersistentSpiking-Ratte2018.ode

and then selecting "Initialconds -> Go" it should display a graph similar to this:


A version of the model which graphs the voltage is supplied (ends with _v.ode):


and another (file ends with _ca.ode) which graphs calcium:


which are similar to Figure 8 A (top and middle traces on right) in the paper.