The attached files reproduce simulations conducted for

"Active membrane conductances and morphology of a collision detection neuron broaden its impedance profile and improve discrimination of input synchrony" by Dewell and Gabbiani (2019) J Neurophysiol

It includes a detailed model of the lobula giant movement detector neuron (LGMD) which is a well studied neuron within the optic lobe of grasshoppers, and morphology files for 5 other neuron types. Attached are a number of files which setup the channel and membrane properties of the LGMD model and provide several example simulations.

If you need extra help running the NEURON model than provided below please consult this page:

Note that the mod files are in a folder called mods (see linux command below).

Auto-launch or Compile special:
The LGMD model uses several custom .mod files for channels and currents. The auto-launch link will use these mod files to compile a special executable version of NEURON with the additional membrane mechanisms. Alternatively, the mknrndll application or nrnivmodl binary can be used to compile the special version containg all custom channels.

cd lgmd_impedance       # change path to location on your computer
nrnivmodl ./mods        # compile special executable 
x86_64/special ./mosinit.hoc -          # execute Neuron and initialize

For simulations resulting in figure 8:
load_file("LGMD/LGMDsynchro.hoc") # run the simulations

which produces in a few minutes:


For simulations resulting in figure 6 (takes about an hour):
load_file("passive_morphologies.hoc") # run the morphology simulations

For simulations resulting in figure 7:(takes about 5 minutes)
load_file("cable.hoc") # run the simulations

For simulations resulting in figure S3 (takes about 18 minutes): load_file("RallMod.hoc") # run the Rall model

20190808 dropbox update from Richard Dewell and additional touchups to make fig 8 button work (from mosinit.hoc)

20190812 more updates from Richard Dewell to annotate and provide closer facsimile of figure 8.

20190814a non programming edits to provide length of times for simulation runs and corrected typo in program name in readme.

20190814b Richard Dewell corrected statement: passive_morphologies.hoc doesn't have to be run before cable.hoc