This is the MATLAB code associated with the paper:

Sharma SK, Mondal A, Mondal A, Upadhyay RK, Hens C (2020) Emergence of bursting in a network of memory dependent excitable and spiking leech-heart neurons. J R Soc Interface 17:20190859

This code was contributed by A Mondal. The following files will generate the images displayed (ran in MATLAB R2020A):

Three dimensional bifurcation code of Leech's heart interneuron model (See fig.1 in the manuscript). (takes a few minutes to run)

screenshot 1

Fractional code for time series (See fig.2 in the manuscript) of Leech's heart interneuron model. (takes a few seconds to run)

screenshot 2

This is the network code for two incommensurate fractional order L-H model (See fig.4 in the manuscript) (takes 16 minutes to run)

screenshot 3

This is the network code for three incommensurate fractional order L-H model (See fig.5 in the manuscript) (takes a second to run)

screenshot 4_1

screenshot 4_2