This is a NEURON version of the CA3 pyramidal cell model of Traub et al. 1991 (J. Neurophysiol. 66(2): 635-650).

The Bash shell script will create the special executable with the required mechanisms to simulate the model. Location: subdirectory x86_64 (created after running This assumes NEURON is installed and nrnivmodl is in the executable PATH.

Run the following command from the root directory for a graphical interface allowing to generate each figure: 

./x86_64/special mosinit.hoc -

Alternatively, each of the files GenerateFigX.hoc (where X = 3, 4, … 10) will generate the data for the corresponding figure in Traub et al. (1991):

./x86_64/special GenerateFigX.hoc -

To plot the results, start Matlab, switch to the appropriate figure directory, for example for figure 3:


and run the corresponding Matlab script:


Comparison with the original paper figures are in the Traub_Figures>CompareOriginalFigs subdirectory