�NIDAQ Tools MX� and Igor Pro (both from Wavemetrics) are necessary to compile and run the code.


Important: ���

�Functions �InitDAQ� and those containing �DAQmx� in their name are not Igor Pro

standard, but derived from Wavemetrics NIDAQmx package.


�The code header is not an Igor Pro standard header:

_NIDAQmxWaveScanProcs - Wavemetrics NIDAQmx package;

_NIDAQmxWaveFormGenProcs - Wavemetrics NIDAQmx package;

_Strings �ksNIDAQmxPath� and �ksNIDAQmxPathParent� refer to folders in the system containing the Wavemetrics NIDAQmx package.


Please refer to NIDAQmx manual (https://www.wavemetrics.net/doc/NIDAQmx.pdf) for further support.