This entry contains the scripts for simulating the model of our article "Excitatory and inhibitory effects of HCN channel modulation on excitability of layer V pyramidal cells".

Two folders are included in this ModelDB entry:

Before running any simulations, run "nrnivmodl" in both folders to compile the .mod mechanisms.

To run the simulations for Fig. 1 and draw the results, run the following commands:
cd modulhcn_almog
cd ../modulhcn_hay
cd ..
In the same way, to draw Fig. 2-6, do the same procedure, replacing '1' by numbers 2-6. Note that Fig. 3 and Fig. 5 re-use data from Fig. 2, so run in addition to and to be able to draw the figures (and similarly, Fig. 6 re-uses data from Fig. 4).

Approximate simulation times:
modulhcn_almog/ 1-2 days
modulhcn_almog/ 2-3 hours
modulhcn_almog/ 2 hours
modulhcn_almog/ 4-7 days

modulhcn_hay/ 3-6 hours
modulhcn_hay/ 20 min
modulhcn_hay/ 30 min
modulhcn_hay/ 1-2 days
modulhcn_hay/ 5-10 days
modulhcn_hay/ 2-3 days


2022-12: MOD-C-2-CPP: Compatibility fixed for NEURON 9.0, 8.2 and 8.1 Fix for 9.0.0: curr used as both variable and function in file epsp.mod