1D Linear Cochlear Model for the gerbil

					R. Naidu and D. Mountain
				Cochlear Biophysics Laboratory
			Boston University Hearing Research Center

 The model computes Pressure difference and the BM volume
 velocity by picking a number for the fluid volume velocity
 through the helicotrema and then working back towards
 the base.  At each section the fluid volume velocity is computed
 by adding the fluid volume velocity from the previous section to
 the basilar membrane volume velocity.  The pressure drop across the
 fluid due to this velocity is then computed and added to the pressure
 difference across the cochlear partition.  Since the model is linear,
 the results above can then be scaled to the pressure difference at the

The Matlab file is self contained and can be run by just typing the name PBmodel
at the matlab prompt.

This and other auditory models are available at 
EarLab, a digital warehouse of auditory models and data.