Readme file for Auditory Nerve model code from:
Zhang, Heinz, Bruce, and Carney - JASA February (2001) 109:
"A phenomenological model for the responses of auditory-nerve 
fibers: I. Nonlinear tuning with compression and suppression."

You can run the following commands to compile the model:
rm *.o
make anmodel
If you don't have c++, try g++ instead(change the CC value in makefile)

2.Run the model
anmodel is used if you want to pass the signal through filter bank, 
the typical usage of the program is as following
./anmodel -wavefile click -reptim 0.020 -banks 32 -cflo 200 -cfhi 20000
the default sampling rate is 500kHz, you should make the data in input 
file with same sampling rate, 
The reptim option determines how long(in seconds) the model should run,
it will append zero if the file input is short.
The banks option determines how many filters you want to run at a time
(the Maximum is 64)

The output is stored in file filterout and synapseout, 
The first column is the time and rest are the output of the model with
different CF. filterout is the output of the tuning filter,
synapseout is the output of synapse as the average rate of the synapse.
The spike generator is not included here(no refractoriness).

3.For more information
If you want to know more about the code and how the files are organized, 
please see html/index.html 

or visit 
for the AN model 2 Documentation source file navigation

This and other models are available from 
EarLab, a digital warehouse of auditory models and data.