Functional matlab code for the models in the paper

Silva J, Rudy Y. 2005
Subunit interaction determines IKs participation in cardiac repolarization and repolarization reserve.
Circulation. Sep 6;112(10):1384-91. Epub 2005 Aug 29.

are available through the following links to the Rudy lab web site:

Guinea Pig IKr (Silva and Rudy 2005) 

Guinea Pig IKs, Human KCNQ1, and Human IKs (Silva and Rudy 2005)

Here are some related models also availble at the Rudy lab web site:

INa (WT) (Clancy and Rudy 2002) 

For many of the simulations we inserted the channel models into the Luo-Rudy
model of the guinea pig ventricular action potential. The code for this
model is here