Readme file for a Model of a CA1 pyramidal neuron, according to the paper:

D. Golomb, C. Yue and Y. Yaari (2006)
Contribution of persistent Na^+ current and M-type K^+ current to somatic 
bursting in CA1 pyramidal cells: combined experimental and modeling study.
J. Neurophysiol. published 28 June 2006, doi:10.1152/jn.00205.2006 .

The files are:

zca.ode : XPP file for Fig. 6Da (zero [Ca^2+]_0).
nca.ode : XPP file for Fig. 8Aa (normal [Ca^2+]_0).
casup.pdf: figure that shows  activation curves, inactivation curves and
           time constants as functions of V.

If you have problems, E-mail me to

  David Golomb

Usage instructions:

xppaut nca.ode or similar startup graphically and then clicking on 
Initialconds and then Go should
reproduce figure 8Aa:

nca screen shot

The other file, zca.ode, figure 6Da:

zca screen shot