Model described in 
Authors: Wendling F, Hernandez A, Bellanger JJ, Chauvel P, Bartolomei F
Title: Interictal to ictal transition in human temporal lobe epilepsy:
insights from a computational model of intracerebral EEG.
Journal: J Clin Neurophysiol. 2005 Oct;22(5):343-56.

 Laboratoire Traitement du Signal et de L'Image
 Campus de Beaulieu
 35042 Rennes Cedex - France -

Notes about the directories/files included in this archive:

In the executable directory (exe), the directory contains the
executable Code (modeleNpop.exe) for the above model.

It needs Openstep Enterprise (OSE) for Windows for running under
Windows. See "aSimulationSnapshot.jpg" for screenshot

a simulation snapshot

The source code (src directory) can be imported in Linux GNUSTEP with minor
modifications as GNUSTEP is compliant with Openstep specifications.

November 24th, 2008:  
Additional notes and files added: I am not using Linux+gnustep. The
source code + exe I originally provided was compiled under Openstep
for Windows (OSE). I had contacts with people who did not have
openstep for windows. They recompiled the code under Gnustep with
little modifications.

However, in order to (re)solve the problem in windows, I specially
produced a C version of the model (See the files and readme, which
explains how to use in the new wendling_model_C_code folder). This
version can be easily re-compiled under Unix and Windows, as the C
language is very portable.