Neostriatum interneuron ACh cell

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Neuron Type: interneuron
Organism: Vertebrates
Neuronal Pathways (realistic):
Neuronal Pathways (canonical):
External Resources
Pharmacology: IUPHAR
Reconstructions NeuroMorpho.Org
Genes: Allen Brain Atlas - v1s
Genes: Human Brain Transcriptome
 1.Distal equivalent dendrite  
 2.Middle equivalent dendrite  
 3.Proximal equivalent dendrite  
 5.Axon hillock  
 6.Axon fiber  
 7.Axon terminal  

Key: Region: D, dendrite; S, soma (cell body); AH, axon hillock-initial segment of the axon; A, axon; T, axon terminal. Type of dendrite: e, equivalent cylinder (for single dendrites and multipolar trees); a, apical; b, basal; o, oblique. Level of dendrite: (p) proximal, (m) middle, and (d) distal with respect to the cell body. For further explanations, see canonical representations.

Graphic from: Wilson, CJ, in Synaptic Organization of the Brain, 4th ed. (Shepherd, GM, ed.) New York: Oxford University Press 1998.

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