Accession:53904 is a general summed synapse mechanism based on <br> <br> Lytton WW. Optimizing synaptic conductance calculation for network simulations <br> Neural Computation, 8:501--510, 1996. <br> <br> eg <br> COMMENT <br> USAGE: for most receptors <br> ***************************************************************************** <br> NEURON { <br> POINT_PROCESS NAME <br> } <br> <br> PARAMETER { <br> Cdur = 1.08 (ms) : transmitter duration (rising phase) <br> Alpha = 1 (/ms mM) : forward (binding) rate <br> Beta = 0.02 (/ms) : backward (unbinding) rate <br> Erev = -80 (mV) : reversal potential <br> } <br> <br> INCLUDE "" <br> ***************************************************************************** <br>
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Simulation Environment: NEURON;
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